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GOLDHEIT - The brand

GOLDHEIT combines innovative cosmetics with a modern, contemporary design and creats unique, ambitious care products, which assists you in your daily skin care routine.

We at GOLDHEIT stand for highly innovative high-class skin care without critical ingredients like parabens, silicons, PEG's, microplastics and mineral oils. In our products there are just selected elements, highly concentrated, made with so much love in every detail.

A carefully matched range, which places ultimate perfection for your beauty. In our products every single ingredient contributes to the overall impact.

A careful choice of raw materials and the compilation of all parts are composed for you with the latest research and development - for a result, which can be felt and seen.

GOLDHEIT is an exclusive outcome of intensive evolution - of course without animal testing.

A great anti-aging revolution!

Highly effective, authentic, ageless beauty!

GOLDHEIT - The name

A symbiosis of gold and beauty.

„Gold promises eternal value. Gold does not expire. Gold allegorizes glory, eternity, immortality, divine power. Gold symbolizes perfection and ideals, the absolute happiness without any compromises. Because GOLDHEIT does not make any compromises, when it comes to your beauty and health.

GOLDHEIT stands for luxurious skin cosmetics with exquisite, highly effective ingredients without harmful components like parabens, PEG's, mineral oils, silicons and microplastics!"


GOLDHEIT - Our promise

  • Premium, highly effective cosmetics - Made in Germany

  • Produced in accordance with the highest quality standard

  • Without parabens, PEG‘s, mineral oils, silicons and microplastics, nanoparticles, SLS, SLES, endocrine disruptors

  • 100% vegan

  • Without animal testing

  • Exceptionally kind to the skin

GOLDHEIT - Founder & History

Mommy of two sons, mechanical engineer and founder of GOLDHEIT Premium Cosmetics Made in Germany.


I would never have thought that I would work in the "beauty sector". I have studied mechanical engineering and operated in the international project management later on.

An absolute man's world. Most of the time I was the only female person in the conference room. Of course it was a little bit strange in the beginning, but I was used to it from university. There I was one of four women in the course of studies out of total 250 students.

For this reason, I am all the more astonished and perturbed by the fact, that now I leap towards the female world. I know it sounds weird, because I am thoroughly a woman. I love shoes, bags, jewellery, the latest fashion, make-up, skin care... the typical girls stuff my husband would say. But if you work such a long time only with men in job, then it is really a big change. I am continually asked how these two worlds fit together. To be honest, I truely don't know what to answer. For me it fits perfect. I have done the one thing with total dedication, so I will do my new tasks - regardless of type of work. Now I live out also my feminine side and it feels great.


The project GOLDHEIT rised insidious and then with a "bing bang". My husband runs a company, which offers also small beauty companies the chance to label tubes, jars, bottles and airless dispenser in a high-quality way and fill them with their care products. This is very unique in the beauty sector. Many years I helped him with customer designs, product brochures and with the product development of cosmetics. It was always much fun, but until that moment it was more business than heartfelt passion.

But as we wanted to generate an own tattoo care cream, it has changed. I concentrated on skin care, ingredients and their properties on our skin. I was honestly very shocked what harmful ingredients are inside in many - even expensive - care products for face, body and hair. In close collaboration with a german laboratory we created a great product, without critical constituents. I am really proud of the result, because the tattoo care is absolutely fantastic. It is also suitable as a nappy rash cream. For our three years old son I only use this one.

Right at this instant I knew that I wanted to do this. - I wanted to create an own brand with highly effective beauty products without harmful ingredients for the precious skin. An authentic premium cosmetic series for the new woman - GOLDHEIT. GOLDHEIT disclaims to use parabens, mineral oils, microplastics, silicons and PEG's. By conviction that carcinogen, hormone-active, cell-damaging, toxicological or teratogenic characteristics must not be in beauty products. I would like that every woman can buy a good skin care product without critical constituents, even though she is no expert in verfying and evaluating every ingredient on the packaging. With GOLDHEIT every woman can be a professional in cosmetics. 

With the first cosmetic series "Juventas Secret" (the secret of everlasting youth) we created a luxurious facial care series, which declares war on all negative environmental impacts and highlights the perfect beauty of all women - simply without compromises.

Anja Hentschel

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