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Especially your face has to keep up many environmental impacts. Changing weather conditions, psychic tension and hecticness disrupt the barrier function of the skin and strain its own power of resistance.

The result: A stressed skin with a tendency to form wrinkles. Slow down your daily life and indulge your skin with great skin care, which accompanies and protects you optimally through day and night. Your skin is as individual as your life. With GOLDHEIT you can react easily to the needs of your skin.

GOLDHEIT consists you trendsetting, high-quality cosmetics for your daily skin care routine. Your beauty and health is our priority. For that reason we disclaim to use parabens, mineral oils, PEG's, silicons and microplastics. Deeply convinced that carcinogen, hormone-active, cell-damaging, toxicological or teratogenic characteristics must not be in beauty products.

We appreciate every single ingredient of our beauty products knowing that the composition of all materials became amazing. We feel confident that the premium quality of our products is due to the special and innovative combination of all ingredients.

GOLDHEIT products spoil your skin very precise and particularly intelligent - without any compromises.


GOLDHEIT is not just a nice brand,

GOLDHEIT is an attitude towards life.

GOLDHEIT would like that every woman can buy a good skin care product without critical constituents, even though she is no expert in verifying and evaluating every ingredient on the product packaging. With GOLDHEIT every woman can be a professional in cosmetics. 

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